Songs of 2007


I’d like to start a blog here…And since music is basically my life… I’m pretty sure it’s gonna deal about that a lot…

To start with I would like to name a few songs that have made last year possible for me.
I don’t want to make a technical summary of how they were made, this songs and bands have just played a part in my life and I want to share that with you.
Without some of those songs, I would’ve been dead. Without some others, I wouldn’t have met some of the most amazing people I know. Some others are just amazing songs to me…

So… let’s start then…

First of all I’d like to name Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate.
This is a song that always makes me think of my best friend, Siebe, who has sadly passed away a few months ago. He was always there when I needed him and he is one of the main reasons I am still alive today. Ironically, he has taken his own life without anyone being able to do anything about it. I always cry when I hear this song. For me and Sieb, it’s a love song, a song that contains all of our love for each other. Forever.

Second, there is Coin-Operated Boy, by the Dresden Dolls.
This is also a song of me and a friend. K’vin. We sing it all the time, everywhere we go.
People stare at us and we love it. Yes, We are attention whores. When we sing.
Also, this is just an amazing song. For the people who haven’t noticed. Listen to the lyrics. They’re not about a boy. Lol.

Teenage Queen. By Aiden.
I just love Aiden. This is one of the first bands that have saved my live with their music several times. I’ve seen them perform a few times now and they’ve never let me down. Plus, I've made tons of friends during their gigs... Christof, Faina, Jef, Ann, wiL, Angel... [Groezrock, Taste Of Chaos... and seeing them again soon!]
Teenage Queen is just a great song. When it gets into my head, it sometimes doesn’t leave it for days. I agree that Aiden has made better songs and that I can tell a lot more about them… but this song is really a catchy one to me and it hasn’t left my mp3-player since I first put it on there.

Oh, It Is Love by Hellogoodbye.
I basically love all Hellogoodbye songs, but when I heard this one live and acoustic, my heart just started pounding like it never had before because of a song.
It’s such a sweet lovesong and I can never get enough of it.
While typing this, I also want to thank one of my best friends, Gaël, for getting up so early on the last day of Pukkelpop to see them with me. You’re amazing.

Every single song by Enter Shikari.
They’re the band I’ve seen most last year [Groezrock, Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop twice]. They are so amazing, both live and on CD.
They also have a very special place in my heart, cause I got to know them through Trevor Abbott, this amazing guy from the UK. He once told me to listen to their songs and then send me some of them.
I loved them from the start, when no one here in Belgium even knew them, and to be honest, I’m kinda proud of that.
Don’t tell anyone ;)
Oh and I also freaked out [imagine screaming your heart out whilst jumping up and down for 10 minutes] when I saw Trev, Calum and Zach on the DVD!!!

Ruby [Kaiser Chiefs], Fairytale Gone Bad [Sunrise Avenue], Yesterday’s Feelings [The Used] and Old Whore’s Diet [Rufus Wainwright].
These songs where ‘one’ of the two things that made my vacation in Germany ok. The other was the fact that my cousin was there too.
It was the most boring vacation I’ve ever been on. My parents and aunt/uncle rented a house in a town where there was NOTHING to do. There was this kids’ playground thing with a swing, which was basically the only thing me and Jill ever went to. To then lay in the middle of the street for about an hour and taking photos.
These songs [first two playing on the radio, last two on my mp3-player] where really the songs that I heard at least thrice a day that week. [10 days actually…]
Boring vacation, but good company and music.

To keep talking about Rufus Wainwright, I also love ‘La Complainte De La Butte’. It’s a song from the soundtrack of ‘Moulin Rouge’ and I am in love with it. Though I don’t really like French, I really love this song, and I’m amazed by the fact that he speaks English and has such an amazing French voice in this song.
After I’d heard this song a few years ago [during the film], I started searching it, and in the beginning of 2007 I finally found it. Since then, I’ve developped an addiction to the song.
I’ve seen Wainwright play live on Rock Werchter in June too, and I was so freaked out when I heard him play the only French song he did that day, cause it was La Complainte De La Butte. [He has a few other French ones too.]
You should definately check this one out!

Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche, by Escape The Fate.
First of all, this band is amazing. This song is just one of the best, catchiest, amazing songs I’ve heard in a long time. Also, the video to it is beautiful. I remember that, at first, I couldn’t understand the lyrics. I didn’t understand what they sang lol. But a bit later I started listening to it again, and it really got to me that I was so wrong not listening to it.
It’s really one of my fave songs of 2007.

Think Of Me by Emmy Rossum, from the Phantom of the Opera.
I just love this song cause I learned this year that I can actually sing it. Not even off key.
Wicked much?

Our Love = Strong.
This song by The Van Jets is just a really fun song, and I have great memories of it. When me and my friends were on Belgian national radio [www.stubru.be] one day to sing in the studio, The Van Jets were there too, also to perform a song. Our Love was their latest single back then and we met them and we became friends after that. Johannes and Wolf even kinda got us backstage on a festival they played.

Stigmatized, a wonderful song by The Calling.
This will always be one of my favourite songs. It is on the first full album I ever bought of my own money, and I still love the entire album to death.

From First To Last… Goodbye Waves.
One of the most beautiful songs ever. The music is just so different from the other FFTL songs, and I love them all very much. Still, Goodbye Waves is something different and worth mentioning.
Halflife by Lacuna Coil.
Actually I loved this song for years, but I’ve seen Lacuna Coil live this year on Pukkelpop, for the first time, and they were really good.
So yeah…

The Last Song, by The All-American Rejects.
This song was also a song that I re-discovered by seing the band live with friends of mine [Gaïa and Stijn]. This song was such an amazing version and I basically gave everything I had in me during the gig. AAR is so funny, sweet, amazing and their music is just great. One of the best performanced I’ve seen last year.

London Bridge
This has been my song when I was in London with school. We passed London Bridge Station every morning and evening, and while everyone got stuck with Fergie’s London Bridge, I had the amazing MSI one inside my head.
Oh how I was happy.

The New Transmission [Lostprophets] and Flogging Molly –songs.
During a barbecue this summer, I’ve met an amazing guy called Ortwin. He’s so funny, really nice and we lvoe each other. [As friends lol… though I wouldn’t… uhm yeah]
We played some of his CDs during a bbq with us and 20 metalheads. Kinda funny. We got drunk on Jägermeister that night. He had to leave though, once he threw up in the tent…
But he’s been here [my house] a few times and we’ve hung out a lot and I’m so glad I’ve met him.

I Think I Like You by The Black Box Revelation.
The song is pretty good, but what I actually want to mention is the video. It’s filmed in a tunnel, under the Schelde in Antwerp, where me and a few friends slept/spend the night apparently the day before they shot the video.
I just thought that was so funny.

Some song by Björk, on which I met my amazing friend Bavo Claes.
I don’t like Björks music but whenever I hear that song [of which I really don’t even know the title] I have to think of him and all of the amazing times we’ve had since we’ve met at the end of June.

Tunak Tunak Tun. [Daler Mehndi]
Lol. This Indian song always cheers me up, even when I’m really depressed. It’s so energetic and I actually love the fact that I can act crazy on it. Just amazing song that I knew from parties and that I got from my amazing friend Gaël.

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, I Am The Walrus, … by The Beatles.
I would actually lie if I say the only had a thing to do with me in 2007. Ever since I discovered music, I’ve been in love with The Beatles. But at the end of 2006, I met a guy who shares my love. We’ve had great discussions about The Beatles, [well… basically they always started with The Beatles… where they ended… no one knows…] which I totally adore about him.
Wesley Lorne Douglas Burton, this one is for you.

And then, last, but certainly not least... a dedication to the one and only band that has been so warm, caring, sweet and basically amazing to me last year; For All The Autumn Lies.
I already knew my friends Jason and Dan through MySpace, so when I heard they started a new band, I immediately added them. From the first time I head A Fashion Statement, my heart and soul were sold. I just had to love them.
Now, I’ve already met them, made amazing new friends through them and made me really happy when I was immensly depressed by mentioning me in their band blog.
They are amazing and I want to thank them for the part they have already played in my life.
Also one of the band without whom I wouldn’t be here anymore.
Thank you.

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