How about song titles?

Would it be legal to use song titles of existing songs as a title to a blog post?

I always feel a strong connection to songs in several situations in my life... Do a lot of people get that?

So my exams have ended today... They went pretty good except for the last one, which I couldn't really concentrate on because a really dear friend of mine had decided to end her life last Friday. Needless to say studying wasn't the first thing on my mind.
I feel like I haven't told her so much I still needed to say... And I'm not quite sure about how I will now that she's not physically there anymore... I have tried writing letters to people I know that have died, but there's not way to be sure they really can get to hear any of the things you'd like them to...
Is there any way there is anyone here who has find a way that made them believe it worked? 'Cause I'd really like to know...

It's always so strange to grasp the fact that a person you love won't be there anymore...
She won't be able to celebrate Christmas with us like she used to, or birthdays, random parties, festivals... And at this moment there's no way to know how anyone in our group of friends will react on any of those occasions... but it will be hard for sure...
Then again, in a way I am happy that she has found peace and won't feel any pain anymore... I hope she can really rest in peace now and that, someday, we will be together again...

After my exam today I had quite a hard time, so some other friends tried to cheer me up, and even though in the beginning it didn't really work all that well, but after a while I could smile again and remembered that I have so many other friends to cherish - because at times like these you realise that even though you love people, you never let them know you do frequently enough.

So spread the love, hang out with your friends and enjoy every moment - you never know that it might be the last one...

I know this wasn't a really good post, but it said what was on my mind...

xoxo C'row <3

PS. One of the things we did today to get my mind off of things, was going to see 'The Social Network'. It was a really nice distraction, and I liked the way the story was told. It does bother me a little bit that I don't know what was real and what wasn't... Plus, I would've liked to know what happened after the last 'flashback' bit...
Anyway, good film to see when you have nothing else to do, or to get your mind off of things.
AND, it has Jesse Eisenberg, which is a BIG plus. I love seeing him act.


update much

First of all, I need to update more frequently, and I need more originality in my titles.

That said, off to the real deal.

Apparently, my health can't seem to deal with graduate school. Apart from being so tired I could sleep non-stop for 5 days (I'm not even kidding), my body has now decided to catch an infection which also keeps me in bed for over a week already.
Not only that, but it causes me to miss my last week before my first assessment period. Yay for infections.

All of this while I could've been outside taking wonderful photographs, 'cause the weather is amazing (photowise) [It kinda sucks otherwise, 'cause it makes people ill ;p]

I surely hope I will be better by Friday, because, as most of you will know, that's when the best weekend of the year starts.
Yet, due to being ill, I haven't been able to work on a proper outfit yet, and time is running out... Let's make the best out of it, I guess. At least, if I'm able to even go out this weekend, 'cause honestly, I'm sick of laying in bed all day. Luckily, I have this amazing invention called a laptop to keep me busy.

Anyway, I'm SO excited to hear about other people's plans and outfits for this year's festivities, so let me know when you read this! That way, even if I won't be able to go, I can still imagine all of you having fun in a crazy, freaky, horrific way ;p

Let me know.


C'row <3


updated list of bands I've seen live^^

... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
A Brand
A Wilhelm Scream (3)
The Academy Is... (2)
AFI (2)
Agrumba (many times, since I'm the make up artist of the band for God's sake)
Aiden (3)
Aka The Junkies
Air Traffic
The All-American Rejects (2)
All Time Low (2)
American Steel
Amy Macdonald
Arcade Fire
Arctic Monkeys
As I Lay Dying
The Ataris
Bad Religion (2)
Billy Talent (3)
The Black Box Revelation (3)
Black Kids
The Blackout (2)
Bleeding Through
Blood Red Shoes
The Bouncing Souls
The Breeders
Bullet For My Valentine
Cobra Starship
Comeback Kid
Daft Punk
David Garrett
Despised Icon
The Dresden Dolls
Editors (2)
El Guapo Stuntteam
Emilie Autumn
Enter Shikari (3)
Epica (2)
Escape The Fate
Fall Out Boy
Feign (6)
Fine Fleur (2)
First Blood
Freaky Age (5)
From Autumn To Ashes
Funeral For A Friend
Gallows (2)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Get Ready!
Gino's Eyeball
Gnarls Barkley
Gunz 'n' Roses
The Hives (2)
Hot Chip
Il Novecento (2)
Janez Detd.
Joan as Police Woman
John Miles (2)
Juliette and the Licks
Kaiser Chiefs (2)
Kapitan Korsakov
Kate Nash
Kill Hannah
The Killers
Killswitch Engage
De Knoesels
The Kooks
Lacuna Coil
Lenny Kravitz
Lostprophets (2)
Mad Caddies
Marilyn Manson (2)
Mc Lars
Mercury Rev.
MgMt (2)
Michael McDonald
Milk Inc.
Mindless Self Indulgence
De Mono's
Motion City Soundtrack
My Chemical Romance
My Morning Jacket
The National
Neil Young
New Found Glory
Nick Oliveri and the Mondo Generator
Nightwish (3)
Nine Inch Nails
The Ocean
Panic at the Disco
Parkway Drive (2)
Peter & Zoltan Katona
The Pipes
Plain White T’s
Plane Vanilla
The Pointer Sisters
Prima Nocta (2)
The Purple Strangers
The Raconteurs
Rise Against (3)
Rob De Nijs
Rufus Wainwright
Serj Tankian
Shameboy (3)
Sigur Rós(2)
Simple Minds
Soulwax (2)
Story of the Year (2)
Sum 41
Sweet Coffee
Taking Back Sunday
Thrice (2)
Tokio Hotel
Toots Thielemans
Tulip (3)
UnderCover (2)
The Unforgiven
The Upwelling
The Used
The Van Jets (3)
The Vandals
The Verve
The View
Walls of Jericho
The Whighs
Within Temptation(4)
You Me At Six
Zornik (3)

Soon: (unless some of them play at the same time, because most are on festivals)
A Day To Remember
Against Me!
All Time Low
Amon Amarth
As I Lay Dying
Band of Horses
Bleeding Through
Blink 182
Blood Red Shoes
Boys Noize
Bullet For My Valentine
Cannibal Corpse
The Cribs
Dark Funeral
The Flaming Lips
Gogol Bordello
Hot Chip
Ill Niño
Iron Maiden
Job For A Cowboy
Killswitch Engage
The Kooks
Lady Gaga
Limp Bizkit
Mumford & Sons
My Dying Bride
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Paradise Lost
Parkway Drive
Queens of the Stone Age
Riva Starr
Serj Tankian
Steel Panther
Stone Temple Pilots
Walls of Jericho
White Lies


10 things I liked most last... 2 weeks :p

Hello sweethearts…
I’ve been telling you a long time, but here’s the newest 10 things I liked most blog… I’ve started them again a while ago on netlog, and since I got some very nice comments on there I decided to start them here again too…
Apart from that, my life has been going rather slowly, school and everything as it should be, which is a nice change. Can you guys imagine that I haven’t stayed home from school ‘cause of exhaustion once this year? Pretty amazing, right? Well, I guess I should just get things started up again…
Soooo, here we go… With some random extracts from my pretty amazing life… :p

1. Ride with the Devil.
I’ve been looking for this film by Ang Lee for years now, so the fact that I finally own it is worth this week’s number one for me! I just love the scenery, the actors (like Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Tobey Maguire, I mean, come on), the time and of course, the story. Just the combination of the American Civil War with all the feelings the (pretty diverse, to be honest) characters get… It got to me all those years ago (Gosh, I sound so old now xD)

2. Starbuck Antwerp.
We finally got our own Starbucks in Antwerp! Knowing myself and my friends, it was about time. In the first few days it was there, I went there every day, even after school, which isn’t in Antwerp, so I guess I proved my point. I’m such a coffee addict that I’m glad spending the time and money that it needs to get some Starbucks! For those of you who didn’t discover the wonderful world of Starbucks yet, get your arse up and go find some! For those of you who did, keep up the good work! 

3. Oscar Wilde action figure.
February went by like a rollercoaster ride and before I knew it, I was yet another year older… leaving the teenage years behind and starting my twenties… Luckily, other things, like the fact that I have the most amazing friends with the craziest ideas for birthday presents, haven’t changed as much. This amazing figurine is proof! The little plastic doll of one of my all-time favourite writers comes in a box which contains more information about him, as well as some of his most famous quotes.

4. 18th century Belgian jacket.
Okay so, just how cool is it that, when you are randomly surfing the website of The Metropolitan Museum of Art for some nice historical clothing ideas, you just happen to bounce into a jacket that was actually worn in your own country? Sure, if I was born in the United States, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but I mean, Belgium!!! We are like one of the smallest countries in the world, that no one usually knows off except for when it comes to waffles, beer or chocolate. I was dumbfounded and sat here with an open mouth for about 13.5 minutes. Then I decided this was definitely worth a place in my top 10 this week? And so it made place 4…

5. Edgar Allan Poe finger doll.
Of course, as if one present would be enough for the likes of my beloved Leigh… Next to the amazing action figure of Wilde, she also came up with this nearly as amazing finger doll of Poe, another writer which is pretty high on my favourites scale. Random fact about the doll: it also has a little magnet inside his head, so you can also use our beloved friend Edgar as a fridge magnet! xD

6. Trans Am.
Gah… Here I go again with another dream car… A Pontiac Firebird Trans Am is another car that I would love to have in my possession… Probably just another dream that won’t come true though...

7. Emilie Autumn and her Bloody Crumpets.
Especially the Crumpets^^ I’ve finally been to Antwerp to see EA live last week, and to say it was amazing would be an understatement. Even though the show could use some more… energy at some times, the parts where it didn’t really make up for it. I’ve never been to a show that was funnier, crazier and allover more amicable than this one. I love Emilie and I love her little Crumpets. I also love the key necklace by Veronica Varlow that I bought =).

8. THIS optical illusion.
I never really cared much about optical illusions, but with all the natural disasters that our world had to cope with lately, I thought this one was rather nice, and original. I found the photo on facebook, but no one mentioned the artist on there, so please, if you know who made this, let me know so I can credit him the way he/she deserves!.

9. Jan Praet, van rebel tot rover.
Another historical twitch to this blog (I’m in my element today, hmmmm?), but I love old legends and myths, and this book is based upon the legend of a Belgian robber named Jan Praet. This fictional work tells us the (imaginative) story of his childhood and youth, and why he became what everyone still knows him as nowadays. So yeah, that (the fact that the story interested me) and the fact that I thought the book had a nice cover photo, made me randomly buy the book. (for 2.99 euros xD)

10. Ambrose Bierce.
Another writer, and yes, from the time of the American Civil War xD. We had to read his short story An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge for English course and because we also had to look up extra info about the author it got me back into the Civil War time. Oh what a wonderful time it would’ve been for me to live in… If you temporarily forget that there was a war going on, of course…

So yeah, leave me some comments on what you think :p


C'row ♥