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Okay so... Because the plans I had with doing something 'new' didn't really work out because I was too tired and ill, I'm thinking about just picking up on what I did before again... would anyone mind a new series of '10 things I liked this week'??
I'm sorry for keeping people excited about the new thing while eventually it never happened... I might do it somewhere in the future, but I don't really see it happening any time soon...

Then, I want to keep you updated on bands I've seen live, so I could just copy and paste my list again, or I can tell you which ones are added to the list and post it again in a while, once there are a few more names on it.
So I deciced on the second option.
As told, I went to see All-American Rejects, with support by American Steel and The Upwelling.
Later on, I also went to The Night Of The Proms, where I saw Roxette, OMD, Sharon den Adel (of Within Temptation), Peter & Zoltan Katona (guitar-playing twins), Toots Thielemans, John Miles (again, I forgot to add him before, but I went to the Proms a few years ago too), Fine Fleur and Il Novecento.
As said when I mentioned John Miles, I forgot to add the bands I saw at my first Night of the Proms (in 2002), so I'm going to add these here too.
Il Novecento, Fine Fleur, David Garrett (playing some damn good violin songs), Simple Minds, Foreigner, The Pointer Sisters, Michael McDonald, Rob De Nijs and of course John Miles.
Maybe with all of those, I'll have a few extra bands in common with my dear friend Wesley...
Too add up to that, I'm going to see All Time Low (with unknown support up to now), Fightstar, InMe, Emilie Autumn, AFI, Pennywise, Agnostic Frost, The Bouncing Souls, Zebrahead and Dance Gavin Dance soon. So excited!
There might also be some local/unknown bands during the holidays, so we'll see about that... I'll keep you updated! :p

And then, an update about my life... apart from the gigs. (Now how's that possible, you ask? Well, just do as I do and talk about the gigs first :p)
I'm still not well, even though I am going to school again and liking it pretty much. (I do have to double my year though, since I didn't go for over half a year last year...) I've got the most amazing people in my class and we have a lot of fun together.
One of them, Sofie, whom I already knew from last year, is even coming really close to being one of my closer friends, since I tend to hang out with her a lot lately, we go to gigs together (oh here we go again) and we share a lot of opinions about stuff.
During the Holidays, my great Norwegian friend Pål is coming over, which I am very excited about... I've been missing him for way too long now :p
I love him, really.
Other holiday plans are: A lot of shopping (presents and clothing), a lot of partying (with family, but also with friends), a lot of chillaxing at home and a lot of just random moments, probably. I'd also like to go to the seaside for at least one day... maybe I could take Pål with me?

I think that's about it...
if I get too bored during my upcoming exams (Tue Dec 1 - Tue Dec 15) I'll see what the answers to my blogs question tell me and I might just start right away. Unless all of you tell me you don't want it back, of course, then I'll find something different.

I'll see you soon!

Love, yours, forever,
C'row <3

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