update much

First of all, I need to update more frequently, and I need more originality in my titles.

That said, off to the real deal.

Apparently, my health can't seem to deal with graduate school. Apart from being so tired I could sleep non-stop for 5 days (I'm not even kidding), my body has now decided to catch an infection which also keeps me in bed for over a week already.
Not only that, but it causes me to miss my last week before my first assessment period. Yay for infections.

All of this while I could've been outside taking wonderful photographs, 'cause the weather is amazing (photowise) [It kinda sucks otherwise, 'cause it makes people ill ;p]

I surely hope I will be better by Friday, because, as most of you will know, that's when the best weekend of the year starts.
Yet, due to being ill, I haven't been able to work on a proper outfit yet, and time is running out... Let's make the best out of it, I guess. At least, if I'm able to even go out this weekend, 'cause honestly, I'm sick of laying in bed all day. Luckily, I have this amazing invention called a laptop to keep me busy.

Anyway, I'm SO excited to hear about other people's plans and outfits for this year's festivities, so let me know when you read this! That way, even if I won't be able to go, I can still imagine all of you having fun in a crazy, freaky, horrific way ;p

Let me know.


C'row <3

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