Pre-birthday blogpost

Now, as many of you know (or can see on my profile), my birthday is coming up...

And I just had this idea for people who don't know what to get me (not that I'm saying you should get me anything... but it's nice, you know), who don't have the money to spend on something that I might not even need, like or want, people who just like this idea, people who love me so much they want to do this on top of what they'd already planned, or anyone else, for that matter...

You see, as I'm slowly leading my life more and more apart from my parents' house and life, I'm beginning to think about my life away from them... and realising that when I'm moving out (which shall hopefully be next Summer; at least 'part time', for school reasons) I'm not going to have as much money or time to spend on going out and seeing friends (I count spending all my spare time on social websites as a real social life, too - but internet can be expensive) as much as I might want to.

Sooooo, with this little thingy (that may last until whenever after my birthday, really) I would like to get enough personal things from my friends to make some kind of wall art thingy to put on the wall wherever I might be moving to - and you'll all be with me all the time! <3

So here's the deal:

I would feel great if you all send me a photo.
Not just any photo, but a photo that reminds you of me, or describes me in any way you find suitable for me. Preferably some photo I'm not in.

And if you want to make something yourself, feel absolutely free to do so - I love anything arty!

Second part is, that you put a little text along with it, telling me why you chose that photo. And well, anything else you would like to tell me, really ;p

Anyone who feels like doing this, whether you know me very well or not at all, surprise me!




xoxo C'row <3

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