10 things I liked most this week [dec 6 - 13]

1. Prince Caspian.
I just love the book, the film AND Ben Barnes
Then again, who wouldn't??

2.my friends
And meeting new ones for that matter. They mean the world to me and I love them to death!

Music is my life. And having so little time to sing this week it made it more special when I did get the time.

4.Metro Station.
This amazing band that got me through a lot of my exams this week.

5. Zuut
Our favourite pub, where we have lots of adventures. Drawing by Joyce.

They're the best and you can have so much fun with'em.

7.Decorating Christmas trees.
'Cause it's just lots of fun when me and mum do it.

8.Hot bubble baths.
It has been cold this week ok??

Because Vinny is so funny.

10.Lipton Ice-Tea.
Drank liters of that this week xD.

Love, forever
C'row <33

PS. Let me know what your most liked things were this week. See you next week.

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