Ten things I liked most on my birthday. ++ update thingy

I know it's been ages since I've made one, but I've been kind of very ill and didn't really feel like doing an effort as big as this [I got tired of the least]
But I'm feeling better now so here's the update^^
Anyway... lots has happened though.
Me and Sam broke up again, because he wanted to believe people who don't even know me over believing me, telling the truth. And it just didn't work anymore.
Point, final.
Then, there's also been Gala Nocturna, which I have photos of too. You can find them here: C'rows Gala Nocturna Pics
Then there was my birthday last weekend.
I just wanted to start this up again, so I'm making a top ten about that weekend lol.
I feel OOOOOOOLD now.
So yeah, here we go:

1. Teddy Scares.
As some of you may know, I have an obsession with dead teddy bears. I got a new Teddy Scare with my birthday money. Her name is Rita Mortis and she's amazing. She's the first TS I'd ever heard of so I'm pretty proud to have her in my collection too now. Fuck yeah.

2. Live in Chicago.
This live Panic at the Disco DVD has more on it than just the show. I love the tour diary bit and the amazingly awesome videos. Me and my best friend Sarah have been watching part of it together [one part when I was ill, another one on my birthday^^] I'm addicted to Panic. Honestly.

3. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
I told you people I got Twilight and New Moon for Christmas, also from Sarah. This time, for my bday, she bought the following books in the series. I went 'yay'.

4. Sony Ericsson W350i.
I needed a new cell, because my other one was basically falling apart. So I bought this one with some of the money I got for my birthday. I plays music and well yeah. Nothing very fancy, but all I need. It's very white though. LOL.

5. Birthday wishes.
I just love it when people wish me a happy birthday. Especially when they are people I don't even know very well. And on cards. Lol.

6. Friends.
Hanging around with some of the most amazing people I know during my birthday weekend is just brilliant.

7. NĂ©onatura by Yves Rocher.
I guess I have to say it's the best perfume I've had in a few years. Birthday present from Mathy, whom I love :).

8. Architecture In Helsinki - The Owls Go.
One of the coolest songs I've heard in some time. Even cooler when you act silly on it. [aka dancing with teddy bears on the song] lol.

9. Kiddy make up.
I just really over the tope make up. Think something like this: Ryan Ross. Now you could go to a specialised make up shop, for theatre make up and stuff, which I also do sometimes, but for starters or just an addition in colours, children's make up is definately good enough too. And this children's make up is amazing to do it with, since it's very easy to clean and it hardly ever gives an allergic reaction. It's even more amazing when your dad gives you two packs of it because he agrees. lol.

10. Alvin and the Chipmunks.
And then especially comparing the old series to the new film, and then showing the grandparents what you're actually talking about by putting on the 'FunkyTown' bit from the film. While that original song is playing on the radio at the same time. Classic times.

So yeah, leave me some comments on what you think :p

Love, yours, forever

C'row ♥

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