10 things I liked most last week...

Hello you lovely people...
I know it hasn't been exactly one week, but I decided to make these ones during the weekend from now on, 'cause of the obvious reason of time.
Anyway,I've been going to school for an entire week now...
It has been exhausting, but good I guess.
And I had the most amazing time yesterday, shopping with Gaël and Pieter(a little bit) and going to the cinema with Pieter in the evening. I loved that amazing company and the fun stuff we did.
Anyway, here's my latest top 10^^:

1. Groezrock.
I am getting so excited about it now. All the names are announced and me and Gaël got our tickets yesterday. I'm seeing some really amazing people again... [like Michael and Tom] It's going to be soooo amazing!

2. Vaudeville Antwerp.
I just got the most amazing summer dress there yesterday and it's basically a really cool shop with friendly people in it.

3. Neon orange nail polish.
This isn't really the one I got, but more the one I want. I love flashy colours lately.

4. Tell All Your Friends.
I got the special edition of this amazing Taking Back Sunday album yesterday and I love it.

5. Hey Julie.
I heard this song by Fountains of Wayne a few days ago, and even though I have had it on CD for ages, I really listened to it for the first time then and I think I just love it. Check the lyrics if you want to know why.

6. Hot Topic.
It makes me want to move to the USA. The shop just has the most amazing clothes and acessories. I want to shop there.

7. CDs.
I don't know why, I just love CDs. I get this amazing feeling when I can say I bought an album in a shop and didn't download it (even when it's legal).

8. Skelanimals.
They are just the cutest little things ever. And I want need more.

9. Rock Sound magazine.
My favourite magazine. It always has the most amazing interviews, posters and new music in it. Deffo check it out!

10. Sour candy.
Just not the ones Matthias sold me. xD.

So yeah, leave me some comments on what you think :p

Love, yours, forever

C'row ♥

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